Floksy’s Cosplay Adventures!

Sooooooo, I have a website now…. AND a blog! Shout out to Ripley who made this whole site for me btw, I am a complete potato when it comes to anything technological and he has been my hero when it comes to all this stuff.

Anyways he told me to write a blog so HERE I AM. (I am pretty shit at writing blogs btw.) To the news! Today’s story, local costume potat becomes Oz Comic Con guest! Soooo this is pretty exciting and now sometimes I sit there for a bit and think to myself ‘When do I wake up and this is just a dream.’ But, that hasn’t happened yet so YEAH! Don’t fuck-it-up Floksy! I promise my very best not to say any bad words during my work shop… Oh crap… I just realized I am going to be up there with power tools…. Pray for me plz. 

Seriously I am beyond excited to like see all you guys who follow my work. I mean if it wasn’t for everyone that follows my page and supports me locally (our community here in Adelaide is beyond amazing) I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am seriously so grateful for all of you that have given me a chance and a kind word. It’s you guys who I work my tiddies off for and like seriously… Love you guys! Also, big huge thanks to OCC for having me~ See you all in April! Anyways before I get super emotional I have to get back to several more hours of dremeling foam. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! This is cosplay life and it is REAL!!

Jaga Dembowski